Decentralized Bi-directional Cross-chain Protocol for
Tezos and EVM chains

Hashi Protocol is a cross-chain bridge protocol that allows users to move their fungible and non-fungible tokens from one blockchain to another in a decentralized fashion.


Fungible and Non-Fungible Token Cross-chain Bridge

Most blockchain bridges today offer cross-chain capabilities for either Fungible or Non-Fungible tokens individually. Hashi strives to build a multi-purpose bridge for both fungible tokens and NFTs opening to the door to innovative mechanisms between DeFi and GameFi.


Hashi is working to connect metaverse universes through
its technology by creating an interoperable and bi-directional
bridge between metaverse games on Tezos and EVM chains.


Hashi is building the first Open Metaverse Portal
to allow users to move from one game to another
with their NFTs and without leaving the game.

Model for the Hashi Wrapping Protocol

Model for the Hashi Unwrapping Protocol

The founders

Pierre-Antoine ARSAGUET

Mathis Gontier DELAUNAY